These are the most common questions I got asked on Youtube comments.

Q: Can I use your remix/music on my…?

A: Send me an email and describe your intended use, mostly the answer is yes, but please: ASK FIRST.


Q: Can you do a remix on this xxx song? / Do you take request’s?

A: I get lot of request’s. It’s impossible task to remix all of them. I’ll listen all the original songs that are requested. If the song feels right to me it might just get remixed…. just might…


Q: What do you use tho make these remixes?

A: Computer with a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). I have used FL Studio, Reaper and Logic. Currently I’m running Logic pro X on a Mac Mini (late 2012 quad core i7) I use both Software instruments (VSTi, AU) and hardware synthezisers.


Q: Can I have a high quality (.wav .flac.) download link to your music?

A: Those files take lot of space and bandwith. So send me an email and tell me why do you need them and we’ll talk about it.